6th annual

Q: What's Moo Jew Comedy?  
A: Jewish comedians.    
  Chinese food.    
  Christmas time.    

Moo Jew Comedy has come a long way.

It's year 6 for the Moo Jew Comedy festival. Having successfully performed at over 20 shows in three states, encompassing thousands of Jews and non-Jews laughing with eggrolls in their mouths.

Wow – you got Myq Kaplan? This year, Moo Jew is going all out, with headliner star Myq Kaplan. You probably know that Myq appeared on Letterman, the Tonight Show, Craig Ferguson, and TV’s Last Comic Standing. But you might not know that if you live under a rock. Or in Iraq. Or under a rock in Iraq. Or under a rack of rocks in Iraq. Okay, I'll stop.

And...not chopped liver. Speaking of which, Jason Lorber will be our host, as always. But he's different now that he has opened for Joan Rivers. Seriously. He's 24% funnier. Plus newish comedian Ashley Watson (Levity, Green Mountain Comedy Festival), who is almost Jewish (converting), is also performing.

We’re making changes. We've got a new location. We've got delicious appetizers. And we lowered the price (since it's not a full meal). But the tradition continues.

Are children welcome? Thanks for asking, but seriously, that’s your call (or your social service agent’s call). If the show were rated by a credentialed I-know-everything agency, they’d probably rate Moo Jew between PG and R.  Most parents I speak to understand that the applicability of the show to children is inversely proportional to how difficult it is to find a babysitter. If this information helps you in your decision-making, I would ask that for the good of all concerned, you try to make very few decisions in your lifetime.

Free and ample parking. Vegetarian hors d’ourves (not a full meal). No MSG. There's no pork or shell fish being served, so it's actually kind of Kosher. Unless you follow the actual Kosher laws. Then it's not Kosher. Not even close.

Location: North End Studios at 294 N. Winooski Ave, Burlington, VT. *Wheelchair accessible.


Ticket price:
$38.50, including tax. Cash only at the door.

Appetizers at 7:30 p.m. Show begins at 8:00 p.m. We'll be done promptly by 9ish or 9:30ish.

Partial proceeds provide heat for low-income Vermonters' homes.

P.S. Be a part of Jewish-Chinese-comedy-food-Vermont history. Do the Moo Jew. Be an eggroll. And for G-d’s sake, bring your mother.


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